Reflecting on the past and looking forward

The start of the new decade surprised me, somehow it snuck up on me. Like the similarities of the two characters in the plays that we tour, and I wrote, surprised me with their similarities. It’s not surprising that the two characters of Eliza and Mary, like me, focus on the past and use it to make sense of present.

Though the stories are as different as the characters-one whose beloved son has died and the other who is struggling with how those around her exclude her after a diagnosis, their response to the situation is to reflect on the past to look forward to the future.

A decade ago, I wouldn’t have imagined that in 10 years I would feel the title writer, would be something associated with me. Let alone having performed to hundreds of people, 2 plays that moved people. I can reflect on that, and all the events of the last decade and use that to know that the next decade, will bring more connections to individuals and creativity. Let alone all the things that I can’t imagine yet!!

Sometimes it’s hard to look forward, circumstances can mean that at this moment, it’s only the next day that we can look to, but at other times in the our life, we can see the future with hope and the openness of a view from a hilltop, where the horizon seems to be miles away. This last decade has taught me that those feeling with change. However you feel today at the start of the new decade, I hope that you can lift your eyes, heart and thinking to use your past to reflect on whatever part of the future you can hold, whether it is the next moment or the next decade.

Reflecting on the past and looking forward
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