Christine Genders

Christine Genders is a story teller, teacher, director and performer. She is a fully qualified Drama teacher. Christine has worked with Hazel Twig since it began. She has directed, led groups and is now performing in ‘The Disappearance’

She collects and tells traditional stories from around the world as well as developing new stories from historic events and is currently consulting with historian Dr Ruth Richardson about creating a telling from the stories of the experiences of Victorians connected with the Strand Workhouse.

 Christine has worked on Community projects with a wide variety of groups including school groups of different ages, Church groups and Fairtrade groups This has included shaping or writing material for performance and developing performance.

As a director she has worked on a variety of plays for Community projects, including the Lichfield Mysteries since the first cycle. She has directed plays within the cycle and been involved with performances and projects beyond the cycle. As a director often working with actors who have no previous experience story telling is a useful tool in developing performance.

A fully qualified teacher who has worked in both in main stream education and working one to one with pupils who are not attending school, she uses story across the curriculum to develop a wide variety of skills including understanding, empathy, listening, speaking, writing, lateral thinking and problem solving. She sees story as a useful tool to hold and develop the interest of people into unlocking creativity within communities.

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