Being Neighbourly

Eliza looks puzzled at Alice.

Why not bring some drama into your small groups with ’Being Neighbourly’. It is a 4 session, free video course which explores the complexities of Jesus’ call to love our neighbours. We meet Eliza, who is receiving help, but it’s not quite how she needs it, as she has become invisible.

Based on Hazel Twig Collective’s play’ The Disappearance of Eliza Grey’ the videos leads us to question how others become invisible often through no fault of their own, maybe because of an illness, change in circumstance, because of the job they do or don’t do, or even a relationship breakdown. The play has a specific focus on dementia.

The course has a simple structure, which can be as free flowing as you are comfortable with. It focuses on 4 questions which are used to think through the video and all the bible passages, which you can choose, or use suggested verses.

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