Welcome to Hazel Twig Collective.

Hazel Twig Collective is all about stories, whether plays, songs, sketches, poems, traditional stories and images. They can be rehearsed or improvised: personal or communal; written down or spontaneous; fact or fiction. The simple act of sharing a story affects everyone in the room, and we value how every one in the space also affect the story.

The Collective is committed to making high quality, co-created spaces. In other words places for everyone to interact, listen to stories, be inspired or grow confidence in their own story whatever the reason you enter the space. The expectation is that same as an audience member, a performer, a participant or a facilitator.

The Collective is at its heart a group of people who love being creative. We are also concerned about the well being of all in the space and acknowledge an individual’s spirituality.

Along side making ourselves, we want to creative space for creatives to grow and be supported.

Hazel Twig spaces, whether a workshop or performance, are inclusive, accessible and trauma informed. We expect it to be safe and contributions are valued. They could be regular or one off, created by the Collective, a member of the collective or commissioned. We also create space for creatives to grow and be supported whether or not, they are part of the Collective.

We are forming, so please keep an eye on what is happening through our Facebook page and our newsletter

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