Welcome to HAZEL TWIG Collective. We are changing, we are in a time of growth. We are growing into a Community Interest Company with Directors and Associate Artists. So please keep an eye on the website and also the Facebook page to follow what’s happening. This may include hands-on workshops or watching a professional performance.

Hazel Twig has experience working with young and old, in all sorts of settings, so we can facilitate any type of group of any age. Hazel Twig is founded in the Christian faith, though all spirituality is welcome. We are experienced performers and group facilitators.

Find out about group sessions by clicking here or about watching a performance, click here.

Our first show is called “Chosen “, where the Virgin Mary has had all that life can throw at her, and she is searching in her heart to find the meaning of it all. Please get in touch to book the show. It can be combined with group workshops.

From October 2018 a play called ‘The Disappearance of Eliza Grey’ will be touring.  It looks at the challenge of Dementia in a small rural village, and asks if Eliza can be found.

We also offer workshops, including one where the Unnamed Women are put Centre Stage. Hazel Twig is about everyone participating.

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