The Disappearance of Eliza Grey

How would you react if you couldn’t be seen or heard?

Eliza is struggling to work out why no one in her rural church community will listen to her. Their fears, feelings and good intentions may be the prime suspect, or maybe it’s just her Dementia? Eliza needs the local Detective to hear her before it’s too late.

‘The Disappearance of Eliza Grey’ is an inventive and entertaining show, which explores the issues surrounding Dementia Friendly Communities.

The cast of two lead the audience through the challenges every community faces when Dementia is diagnosed, offering possible ways of becoming more dementia friendly, so that people living with Dementia can be enabled to live well.

Susannah Hallcroft, has lived alongside Dementia through caring for her Dad and now works as a Dementia Friendly Church Enabler in the Lichfield Diocese. This has lead her to write and perform in ‘The Disappearance of Eliza Grey’


Confidence around Dementia The show can be adapted into a two hour workshop, to increase attendees confidence so that people with dementia feel understood, valued and able to contribute to their community.

Workshop for Carers The workshop can be adapted to give space for carers to voice their stories and share understanding.

Workshops for those Living with Dementia The company can also run a related workshop for those living with Dementia to give opportunities to connect and share their stories.

Produced in association with Shoebox Theatre

Advised by Dementia Voice, Worcestershire


Eliza Grey- Christine Genders
Alex Rogers- Susannah Hallcroft

Directed by Janet MacIntyre

Writer- Su Parker Hallcroft

Photo by Julian Hughes

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