Susannah Hallcroft

Hazel Twig was the dream of the Artistic Director Susannah Hallcroft.

Su tells part of her story.

“ I have loved stories, communicating and God for a very long time. Like twigs on a branch, each grew at their own speed over the years. And like the roots of plants have had time where they were hidden, and not understood, before growth has been visible.

As with most things creative, Hazel Twig Theatre Company comes from many parts of my life. From
…being an actor for 20 years, and understanding my need to perform and facilitate others.
…training to make theatre from scratch at Central School of Speech and Drama.
…running a company doing workshops in creativity and science in schools.
…training in Creative Learning, and running long term projects in schools.
….learning to write including a bit of theology at Cliff College
…hearing John Wimbers phrase “that everyone should get to play” and the learning that truth.
…over many years running groups for children, youth and adults in the community and in churches.
…enjoying listening to others tell their story.

It came together whilst I was on community at a resurrected Scargill. This opportunity to join at the start of a new community had come at a point in my life, where it felt like I was stuck and unable to choose what to do next. I look back now and believe I see God’s hand, in bringing me to a safe place for what turned out to be 3 exciting, challenging and amazing years. I had the privilege of leading holidays using drama and creativity, learning what “loving people as if they are Jesus” is all about, and learning how to personalise holidays for many groups using entertainments, workshops and fun.

Whilst there, with the encouragement of Adrian and Bridget Plass, I returned to writing sketches for use in services and entertainments. There was one sketch about Mary, Jesus’ Mum that I wrote early on and I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  It was when she was a teenager, with her whole life ahead. At Scargill I was surrounded by people, whose life had not turned out as they had hoped, and I was going through a time of physical pain myself, and yet God promises where still visible. This, over two years, grew into a one woman show, called “ Chosen”.  I had also developed my interest in facilitating groups,  where before Scargill had focused on using creative ways to look at scientific principles, I now focused on faith issues and finding the best way to express that, using a range of creative methods, including art, photography, writing , drama and film.

When looking at leaving Scargill, I wanted to bring together the things that I had loved most, listening to individuals, leading groups and performing, and from that Hazel Twig has grown.”

In 2016 I finished a Diploma from Cliff College, in Creative Arts, Mission and Ministry, where I was awarded the prize best Academic Achievement for the course.’

I currently work for the Lichfield Diocese as a Dementia Friendly Church Enabler, having been a carer for my Dad, as I enabled him to live as well as he could with Dementia.